Posted by: Phoenix | November 18, 2012

I had my first obedience trial today!

Mum and I have been doing formal obedience lessons since the beginning of the year. I have worked my way all the way up the ranks from the beginners classes right up to Green class. Today was my exam day to see if I could go from Green class to Yellow class. I also competed in a CCD (Community Companion Dog) trial. 

Mum knew it was all going south when it started to rain on us this morning. See, Im a little bit precious about getting my bum wet or laying down in wet grass. Suffice to say I failed both trials spectacularly! I even ran out of the judging ring when I got a bit bored with waiting for mum to move on to the next thing after I did an amazing recall. Except I forgot I was suppose to sit when I finished the recall and stood around waiting and waiting with mum not saying a word to me so I thought I would go pee on that tree over there. Mum was not very happy about that. 

Despite my failing in style due to a cooky club rule I ended up coming home with a first place trophy and a big yellow ribbon! No one in my Green to Yellow exam passed and I came 2nd in points – but because the first place winner has trialed a dog before I got bumped up to first place! Mummy thought it was very funny that I failed my grade but still got a trophy and a ribbon. 


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