Posted by: Phoenix | February 11, 2013

My ToughHound All Sports Collar Review

I was asked to be a test puppy for the new  ToughHound All Sports collar. I happily agreed and sent in my order details to try out this new collar and let you all know what mum and I think of it.

The first thing we noticed was how long the collar took to arrive. Admittedly it was an international order but it was ordered on the 7/12/12 and arrived on the 3/2/13 so that was disappointing having to wait so long, even given the holiday mail slowing it down it still took way longer then my other US based collar supplier to ship.

First impressions of the collar were impressive – It is a pretty collar and  they correctly engraved all the information we asked for on there. You can choose from 13 fonts for your engraving. You get 4 lines of text, each line up to 14 characters in length. The collar comes in a choice of eight colors – we went with red.

The hardware on the collar is high quality and not going to tarnish or break easily. The collar its self is made out of  highly durable poly-coated nylon-webbing.  I thought it might be uncomfortable and rub because I am use to all cotton collars but I had nothing to worry about the collar is comfortable and water resistant too.  Here are some pics of the name plate and hardware.

2013-02-11 15.45.382013-02-04 19.29.28collar blurred number

One problem we did have is the adjustment holes on the collar are about an inch apart. On one hole it was too tight and on the next it was too loose. I needed an in between hole for the perfect fit. While the name plate has a slight curve to it it would be more comfortable and better looking if it curved more to follow the curve of my neck when the collar is on.

We like that the name plate is nice and secure. Its not going to fall off like a tag can. It also removes the annoying jingle of dangling tags. The downside to this is if any of the engraved details change you will need to buy a whole new collar as you can not change the name plate.  The collars are slightly on the expensive side  at $30 each but all in all we consider it a good investment.

We rate this collar 3 paws up out of 4. 🙂 If you would like to purchase this collar it is for sale here at Dog Bark

 2013-02-04 19.29.02

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