Posted by: Phoenix | September 27, 2014

Big news…. I have a brother!!!!

Ok, I have had this news under my hat since January! Yes, I know that is a long time but mum and I did not want to jinx anything by saying something too soon. In January we welcomed home a Borzoi puppy. His name is Nikolai. He was brought into our home to train to take over from me as mum’s Assistance Dog. Because there is a high rate of wash out (failure) when training a new puppy for Assistance Dog work we did not want to make it public too soon. However Nikolai has shown great aptitude for his training and assuming nothing unforeseen comes up it looks like he will graduate! This is his Facebook page:
Nikolai – Assistance Dog in Training

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This is also why I have not had much to post about – Mum has been focusing really hard on Nikolai’s training and he has been doing most of the outings while I am learning to enjoy semi-retirement! I still go out with mum if its not an outing mum can use as a training opportunity for Nikolai but often I get to stay at home and nap. At first I didn’t like retirement at all! I cried and howled the first few times mum left me home! Now I am use to it and don’t mind.

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