Posted by: Luigi | July 6, 2015

Semi retirement suits me well….

You have probably noticed I don’t update much these days. Nikolai is now fully trained and does most of the outings with mum these days. I stay home and snuggle under the blankets until they come home. I still update my Facebook page with my adventures and if you would like to keep up with my adventures come like me over at Facebook.



  1. I also like being semi retired Luigi, it gives us time to just do the nicest things in life. I hope Mum is keeping happy these days. I am very glad to hear you are more spoilt than the queens corgis because you are such a star!

    • Thank you Dorrie! Im glad your enjoying semi retirement too! 😀 I hope you will join the rest of my adventures on facebook!

  2. I also have a medical alert dog…Italian Greyhound too. His name is Sterling. He’said a beautiful blue boy. So happy to see another Italian Greyhound medical service dog.

    Thanks for all your post Luigi!

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