Posted by: Phoenix | July 6, 2015

Semi retirement suits me well….

You have probably noticed I don’t update much these days. Nikolai is now fully trained and does most of the outings with mum these days. I stay home and snuggle under the blankets until they come home. I still update my Facebook page with my adventures and if you would like to keep up with my adventures come like me over at Facebook.

Posted by: Phoenix | September 27, 2014

Big news…. I have a brother!!!!

Ok, I have had this news under my hat since January! Yes, I know that is a long time but mum and I did not want to jinx anything by saying something too soon. In January we welcomed home a Borzoi puppy. His name is Nikolai. He was brought into our home to train to take over from me as mum’s Assistance Dog. Because there is a high rate of wash out (failure) when training a new puppy for Assistance Dog work we did not want to make it public too soon. However Nikolai has shown great aptitude for his training and assuming nothing unforeseen comes up it looks like he will graduate! This is his Facebook page:
Nikolai – Assistance Dog in Training

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This is also why I have not had much to post about – Mum has been focusing really hard on Nikolai’s training and he has been doing most of the outings while I am learning to enjoy semi-retirement! I still go out with mum if its not an outing mum can use as a training opportunity for Nikolai but often I get to stay at home and nap. At first I didn’t like retirement at all! I cried and howled the first few times mum left me home! Now I am use to it and don’t mind.

Posted by: Phoenix | April 26, 2014

It’s my birthday today!!!!

I am 7 years old today and I had some friends come around to play with me and spoil me on my special day!   See a short snippet of my party getting wild here:

Posted by: Phoenix | April 2, 2014

Mum has not been well.

Sorry for being silent so far this year. Much has happened and mum has not been well. She has a tumor on her liver. Yesterday we went to have another scan to try and see if it is cancerous or not. I was of great help to mum. She had to lay like this for an hour and a half for this particular scan. We go see the Specialist tomorrow to get the results. I have other big news to share with you all, but it will have to wait till we hear how mum is.

Helping mum with her scan.

Posted by: Phoenix | December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish all my friends and followers a very Happy New Year. Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support over the year and I look forward to sharing my adventures in the new year with you. I wish you much health and happiness in the coming year.

If your going out tonight please make sure your animals are all well secured because fireworks will be going off all over the place.

Posted by: Phoenix | December 21, 2013

Santa Paws is coming to town!

In just a few sleeps Santa Paws will be making his big trip around the globe leaving presents for all! I seen him at the Market yesterday and was sure to tell him I have been a good dog this year and I would like lots of treats for Christmas!2013-12-20 13.37.14Thank you for following my adventures this year! I would like to wish you and yours a very

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Posted by: Phoenix | December 16, 2013

I had my dental!

Im now feeling much better. I had my dental done on Wednesday and they took out 7 teeth that were causing my kidney infections. I would like to say thank you to everyone who donated and shared my fund raiser and a very special thank you to Pet Medical Crisis Fund who donated the bulk of the funds for my surgery!

Posted by: Phoenix | December 3, 2013

I have a kidney infection.

I have a kidney infection again. I am on antibiotics though. I have to get my teeth scaled under an anesthetic. I am picking up kidney infections from the tartar build up on my teeth. My vet has said that this will cost approximately $550 to have done. I am happy to provide my vets details to donors so you can verify this.

All donations no matter how small will help us get to our goal! For every donation of $25 or more I am happy to make you a martingale collar and ship it to you within Australia – if your international and would like a collar I will have to ask you to pay for the shipping on top of your donation.

If you can not donate I would really appreciate if you could share this page:  with your social networks.

Thank you so much,

Posted by: Phoenix | October 12, 2013

I have 2 new brothers!

Our family has grown! We adopted two new brothers – Harrison and Dexter. I was very excited to meet them when they arrived. They are rats. Yes, rats! And very cute ones at that. I couldn’t wait to meet them but mum said we had to let them settle in a little first. So for the first few days I wasn’t allowed to play with them. But now when mum gets them out I am allowed to sniff and lick them. I want to play with them, but they don’t seem to know any of my games. Anyway here is some photos of me playing with them!






Posted by: Phoenix | July 17, 2013

Please ignore me!

Mum has been trying to be more social this year. She is trying to make some new friends and engage with the world a little more. But there is something holding her back…. me. I am very necessary for mum to function safely, but all people see is “the lady with the dog” they never bother to get to know who is on the other end of the leash.

Mum and I went to this festival over Easter. Lots of like minded folks go to this festival – its called ConFest. Mum was hoping to make some new friends there… its the type of place that most people seem to make friends at. However mum and I did not experience the welcoming, inclusive vibe this festival is renound for.  It was just like a 6 days of being in public like anywhere else. Everyone was interested in making friends with me – and as I was officially off duty most of the time I got lots of pats. Mum was hoping this would open the door for more meaningful conversations. But instead people loved on me, patted me and then went on their way. No one bothered to get to know mum as anyone but “The lady with the dog”…. It was all take, take, take and no one was giving back the energy mum was putting out. Towards the end of the festival mum spent a night crying in her tent to the sound of the drums around the fire circles wondering why she could not engage with all these people around her. She cuddled me close and cried into my fur and resolved to leave the festival the next morning even though we were scheduled to stay one extra day and volunteer to pack down the site.

We stopped trying for a while after that. Mum got so disheartened and has decided she probably will not return to the festival again.

Mum found this great story about what it is like for her to have me by her side all the time. It is not her writing – it is copied from here.

Let me try to tell you what using a service dog  has been like for me, using as an analogy something most everybody uses: shoes. You have a pair of shoes. They are the first shoes you have ever found that fit like they were made just for your feet and are really nice-looking shoes. In these shoes, you can go about your whole day and your feet and back and legs feel great and never get tired. In these shoes, you can conquer the whole damn world.

There’s just one problem with the shoes. They attract attention. The first couple of times people smiled at you and said “Nice shoes” it was pretty flattering, but then things started getting a little out of hand. People would stare at your shoes, wherever you went, in a way that made you feel like you were nothing but a way of displaying your wonderful shoes. People would approach you while you’re just trying to buy some milk at the store and get out and go home and expect you to tell them where you got the shoes, how the shoes are working out for you, and then listen to them tell you all about their favorite shoes. Disturbingly, some people will ask to touch your shoes. Sometimes they are still standing when they ask, but other times they are asking as they kneel down and reach out for your shoes. REALLY disturbingly, some people just lunge for your shoes without even asking. Once or twice, you’ve nearly tripped and fallen because someone was grabbing for your shoes. When you act alarmed that these people are trying to take your shoes away while you’re walking in them, people respond by being defensive and angry. Why would you be wearing such wonderful shoes, after all, if you didn’t want to let people touch them or you didn’t want to talk about them? Can’t you see how much they want to touch your fabulous shoes? Why are you being so mean by denying them something they want so much?

When you’re out and about, nobody talks to you about anything but your shoes. You might be in a class you’re really excited to take, because you want to meet other people who are interested in the subject matter, but the other students and the instructor just want to talk to you about your shoes. Even worse, they assume that your shoes are all you know about and act totally surprised when you speak up about things that are not shoe-related. When you ask for help in a shop, the person you’re talking to addresses your shoes rather than you. People say “good morning” to your shoes. People assume that you won’t be able to do things because you won’t want to get your shoes dirty, or you can’t do them because your shoes are not their idea of appropriate footwear for the activity, and they inform you of these exclusions as if you’re supposed to be grateful.

What you’re actually grateful for is the one or two people every day who treat you just like your shoes are nothing remarkable. You come to cherish the people who act as if they don’t even see your shoes. And despite the fact that you love your wonderful shoes, you begin to deeply, deeply wish you could find another pair of shoes that did not attract all this attention that worked for you, but no matter how many pairs you try on, you never can. You find some shoes that are kinda workable and sometimes you wear those just to avoid all the problems with your favorite shoes, even though you know that by the end of the day your feet and legs and back will be aching. After enough painful days, you start feeling pretty bitter towards all the people who make your life so much harder when you’re wearing your favorite shoes, because if they’d just be polite, it would make such a huge difference to you.

So what should you do when you see wonderful shoes a service dog and its handler? The answer is easy: ignore the dog. No matter how much you want to talk about the dog, touch the dog, ask the dog’s handler questions about the dog, tell the dog’s handler about your own dog — don’t. Treat the handler exactly like you are busy treating all the people in the world who do not have dogs with them. If you have a customer service job, or you actually need (not just want) to approach the dog handler, speak to the person, not the dog. Ignore the dog, no matter how hard it is for you. A service dog is not “just” a dog, to its handler it’s a trusted partner and a vital part of what its handler needs to get through the world. Remember too that service dog handlers deserve privacy about their medical issues just as much as everyone else, and asking “Why do you have the dog?” or “what does the dog do for you?” is exactly like asking “So, will you tell me about all your medical problems?” (i.e. none of your business).

Maybe if you get to know who is on the other side of the leash you would be surprised to learn that there is much much more to mum then just being “the dog lady”.

So much more then just a lady and her dog.

So much more then just a lady and her dog.

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