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  1. why is mum calling you weegee

    • Just one of my nicknames!

  2. I have sleep apnea and am in need of a service dog to help me. I have been trying to find a some place to that has them and or that can steer me in the right direction but no go. Could you help me? Thank you.

    • Phyllis the best advice I can give you is to contact your local organisations or those listed in Assistance Dogs International link on the left and see if they can help you. Im sorry I can not be of more assistance.

  3. Dear Luigi,
    Could you let us know who your breeder is?
    We’d love to have one of your siblings in our family!!
    Much love,
    Suse and Pancho.

  4. I would like to train my Italain Greyhound for Medical Alert cause I have asthma and I would like to have a medical alert dog to alert me befor or during my asthma attack to take my medicine to stop my asthma attack. could you tell me what could i do about my Italain Greyhound to be training as my Medical alert dog. He is good around people and strangers. Please let me know ok.

  5. What does luigi do?

    • I let mum know before she gets sick and take action to help her during a medical crisis. 🙂

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